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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: LOGIN is required to download any pbt files. to do so: USERNAME: themer PASSWORD: Passworded2 Oct 24, 2014 20:22:46 GMT
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impuredeath: :) ha Oct 24, 2014 11:28:43 GMT
impuredeath Avatar
impuredeath: ? :0 Oct 24, 2014 11:28:40 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: let me know if you can't post in this box, via PM please. any and all questions also welcomed via pm. Oct 23, 2014 12:42:48 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat is back as our default skin for the next week or so. Enjoy! Oct 23, 2014 12:04:30 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: is our sister site. check us out and help us branch out into the world of zeta/zathyrus networks. Oct 20, 2014 16:25:18 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: DelAndante Oct 13, 2014 18:56:41 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: note to self: rose Oct 12, 2014 19:53:09 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: sorry Saber, busy doing a lot of skin updates. i only just saw this Oct 12, 2014 14:02:40 GMT
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Saber of Shadows: Howdy Rach Oct 4, 2014 19:56:25 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: guests & members, let me know if you can't use this shoutbox please Sept 27, 2014 14:14:00 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: no i haven't Aug 31, 2014 19:18:12 GMT
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Misty: Have you done Real Life yet? Aug 31, 2014 3:06:10 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: Yup, its not on all skins. I keep forgetting that it isn't >.< Aug 18, 2014 11:19:46 GMT
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Misty: Sorry, just seeing this! Was it hiding?! Aug 17, 2014 21:03:49 GMT
ღ  ʗαƿʈ ɱɘσωʂ Avatar
ღ ʗαƿʈ ɱɘσωʂ: Just a tad. :3 Aug 13, 2014 23:47:00 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: @staff check out the theme 'board tester' all opinions wanted. it is a bit bright on the old eyes! Aug 13, 2014 18:08:36 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: is now the 'go to' gal for all your advertising questions/wants/needs. Aug 10, 2014 17:22:04 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: ChocOMint & Honey have been updated, to suit our needs. Their import info won't include any of these updates made today. Jul 16, 2014 15:13:02 GMT
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ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌: @staff let me know when you've read the roles post please. as soon as you can, so i can open back up again to members. Jul 14, 2014 12:04:25 GMT
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Need to Know

No New Posts Important Reads

All the important need to know topics can be found here, please make sure you read the rules.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to 'Delusional is changing!' Oct 10, 2014 9:13:34 GMT
(19 posts in 7 threads)
No New Posts Suggestions

Members and Guests can come in here to suggest a feature or something to improve the forum, or guests if you want to just chat away. Feel free to do so in here.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to 'Suggestions.' Dec 17, 2013 18:50:01 GMT
(7 posts in 2 threads)
No New Posts Welcome Wagon

Welcome to Delusional, stop by to introduce yourselves and meet other members.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to '♥ Allo ♥' Oct 22, 2014 11:32:50 GMT
(258 posts in 45 threads)
No New Posts Administration

Staff members unite to discuss the site.

(59 posts in 8 threads)


No New Posts Skins

Submit your skins/themes here. They will then be sorted into genre's and added to our Skin Resources.

(1 post in 1 thread)
No New Posts Templates

Submit your templates here, they will be sorted into genre's and added to our Template Resources.

(2 posts in 2 threads)


No New Posts Delusional Ad

Here is our advertisement for placement on other sites, please add us to your site or post a link to your link back areas in your ad thread.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to 'Our Ad & Affiliate.' Jan 31, 2014 9:28:09 GMT
(1 post in 1 thread)
No New Posts Wanted Ads

Come in here to request characters, staff and other wants.
guests can see this forum. Members do not need a post count to advertise your wants with us.

RumBelle replied to 'The enchanted forest |OUAT| {JCINK} s3 Easy App, no WC' Oct 23, 2014 12:46:08 GMT
(106 posts in 33 threads)

Sub-boards: Critiques, Characters Wanted, Other, Staff Wanted

No New Posts Fandom Roleplays

Any roleplay that is based off of an existing source material will be placed here. Roleplays that are 'inspired by' would not fall under this category.

Savvy replied to 'Hogwarts Regenerated - au post potter, creature uprising' Oct 22, 2014 20:46:56 GMT
(583 posts in 173 threads)

Sub-boards: Anime/Cartoon and Manga, Book Series, Comics, Crossover/Panfandom, Harry Potter, TV Shows/Movies, Video Games, Other

No New Posts Fantasy

All roleplays which have a fantasy theme will be moved here and sorted into one of the sub boards upon approval.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to 'Ilyrium, medieval fantasy RP' Oct 5, 2014 19:50:00 GMT
(266 posts in 108 threads)

Sub-boards: Animal Roleplays, Schools, Vampires, Demons, Etc., Other

No New Posts None Roleplays

All forums that do not have a roleplay content will be moved here upon approval, into one of our sub boards.

Zozma replied to 'Distant Fantasies: RPG Resource' Oct 20, 2014 7:38:54 GMT
(77 posts in 24 threads)

Sub-boards: Chatter box, Helping hands

No New Posts Other

If your roleplaying forum does not suit any of the other genre's it will be moved here upon approval.

swt161986 replied to 'I'm Human [JCINK]' Sept 27, 2014 20:28:11 GMT
(36 posts in 10 threads)
No New Posts Real Life

All roleplays with a real life theme will be moved here upon approval.

Keira replied to 'Blackwood Asylum' Oct 21, 2014 22:40:15 GMT
(265 posts in 57 threads)

Resource Directory

No New Posts Posting Templates

Members have access to this area.

kae replied to 'don't you worry child * | plot template' Oct 25, 2014 13:19:01 GMT
(1,152 posts in 248 threads)

Sub-boards: v5 Templates, BBcoded templates

No New Posts Skins

From here you can find a skin or theme to suit your forums purpose for Proboards, Invisionfree or JCInk.

ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ replied to 'Lightning (pokemon) theme. [V5]' Oct 12, 2014 18:13:26 GMT
(120 posts in 31 threads)

Sub-board: Proboards

No New Posts Help Me

Members can get help with Templates, Skins/Themes in here.

(11 posts in 4 threads)
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