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Where the staff members drink coffee and lurk in the shadowy hallways, watching over you and your deluded minds.


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Member Awards. by ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ Jun 27, 2015 9:14:14 GMT

Explore the deepest darkest region of your minds, jump right in and read all of our important topics before you show us what that beautifully insane mind of yours can create.

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Gimp School. by ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ Jul 2, 2015 8:51:11 GMT

Guests who wish to visit the crazies, can pick up a hall-pass and stop by this area to ask us anything or suggest useful things to us too.


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Solitary confinement is where the bad people go for a time out, drawing on the walls is the only way to occupy their minds during their darkest hours of solitude. This is where you submit to the powers that be and show them your graphics.

Sub-board: Screening

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Come get your meds to take your blues away and troll your way through our pre-made graphics, to lighten anyone's mood.

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Got into a fight did ya? Well, visit the infirmary to patch up and improve on your graphics health whilst your here and take a look through our resources.

Day Room

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Flick through the channels to find what you're looking for or post in here to get your works added to the relevant templates areas.

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System of analyzing data... is where you can find all of those pre-made templates by trolling through the master list within each of the sub-forums.

Sub-boards: DOHTML, V5

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Do not disturb a brainiac when they're working on their coding skills, but view their templates in here within their own coding databases.

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Come play chess and try to beat us by providing us with a broken template for us to fix. We may take it easy on you if you ask for template coding help nicely.

Padded Cells

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Knowledge is power!
Further your knowledge and try out new things by trying out our tutorials and show us those crazy mad skills of yours here.

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Find your voice and request graphics or templates in here.

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In danger of boredom? Get tied up in some fun frolics with our other deluded members.

Sub-boards: Therapy, Hearing Voices


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Advertising Rules & Form. by ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ Jun 16, 2015 17:33:57 GMT

This is where you post your ads, upon acceptance they'll be moved to the relevant forum and sub forum. Be sure to read the rules within before you post.

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Come in here to request characters, staff and other wants.
guests can see this forum. Members do not need a post count to advertise your wants with us.

Sub-boards: Critiques, Characters Wanted, Staff Wanted

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Any roleplay that is based off of an existing source material will be placed here. Roleplays that are 'inspired by' would not fall under this category.

Sub-boards: Anime/Cartoon and Manga, Book Series, Comics, Crossover/Panfandom, Harry Potter, TV Shows/Movies, Video Games, Other

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Ultimate Prophecy {FL} {PB} by ᖇᗩᙅᖺ ♌ Jul 2, 2015 8:45:20 GMT

All roleplays which have a fantasy theme will be moved here and sorted into one of the sub boards upon approval.

Sub-boards: Animal Roleplays, Schools, Vampires, Demons, Etc., Other

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All forums that do not have a roleplay content will be moved here upon approval, into one of our sub boards.

Sub-boards: Chatter box, Helping hands

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start a discussion in this board

If your roleplaying forum does not suit any of the other genre's it will be moved here upon approval.

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Blackwood Asylum {PB} {FL} by Keira Jul 3, 2015 15:38:55 GMT

All roleplays with a real life theme will be moved here upon approval.

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